My name is Mauro, I live almost overlooking the sea, and sometimes,
when I forget it, the wind flows through my window bringing me his regards.

From my bedroom window I can see a small mountain, sometimes it becomes white, wrapped into low clouds, sometimes, rarely, due to the snow.

I like to walk and observe urban geometries, looking the sky I try to look like the clouds to some object or animal.

As I walk I like to taste the aromas that gently slip out of the houses; what I love most ?! the smell of coffee!

I am a professional photographer and I love my job in all its facets. Photography makes me free, allowing me to visit magnificent places, and meet awesome people, hear new sounds, enjoy new scents and tell new stories … for example : yours!

Mauronster is not my surname, it is a crasis born in a particular moment of my life, adolescence. Hair begins to visit the faces of the boys, the voice takes on a new tone and… the girls you like?

she see you like a monster!
Yes, yes, that’s right, a Monster with big ears.

I think that for the first ten minutes i felt some kind of pain…
but then, a friend of mine, my trusted pencil, allowed me to get rid of it by making me play with the words; what others saw as a monster was now a Mauronster, a bit like porcavacca or dogshark … to make it short!

Here is an intimate part of myself revealed!

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